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We are partners in life and in business, co-owners of the Quebec company Laisse-toi shine. Let your creativity flow by creating your canvas with one of our many available images and free your thoughts with this new hobby. We also offer the creation of fully personalized Diamond paintings with the image of your choice. We take the satisfaction of each of our customers to heart by offering superior quality products and we guarantee rapid delivery across Canada. The design, printing and packaging are designed entirely in Quebec. Looking forward to creating your new favorite hobby and let our diamonds make your home shine.

Make your favorite photo a work of art!

Custom diamond painting

We offer you a superior service that will allow you to obtain a completely personalized canvas with the image of your choice. Whether it's to memorize the first photo of your newborn, your wedding photo, the photo of your pet or simply an image of a landscape that will take you back to one of your most beautiful memories. Everything is possible!

Customize yours now!

Profitez d'un plaisir inconnu!

Nos toiles mystères ayant de magnifiques images aléatoires sont un nouveau plaisir pour les amateurs de Diamond painting! Le mystère de la toile incolore attirera toujours votre attention. Fur et à mesure que vous concevez votre toile, vous découvrirez chaque petits éléments qui formeront une belle image surprise!

Procurez-vous votre toile mystère ici!

Offer a unique gift!

Is it your childhood best friend's birthday? You've shopped around for friendship bracelets, personalized mugs, cushions with your photos... It's high time to evolve! What's better than a gift designed entirely by you? There is nothing more touching. Delight your loved ones with a personalized Diamond painting entirely according to their tastes! No more small paper photo albums and opt for a magnificent framed Diamond painting.

Here are some benefits of being part of our brilliant universe

⟡ Images printed in halftone for better visibility of symbols
⟡ Resealable diamond bags with information labels
⟡ The set includes all the materials necessary for making
⟡ Fast turnaround and accelerated parcel delivery across Canada
⟡ We offer a larger number of diamonds in case of loss
⟡ Accessibility and ease of communication
⟡ We make completely custom canvases
⟡ Encourage a proudly Quebec company

What is Diamond painting?

The principle of Diamond painting is very simple. You probably know painting by numbers? It's the same principle, but with small colored shiny diamonds. Simply remove the film, refer to the chart to identify the number of the color associated with the correct symbol and stick one diamond at a time on the adhesive canvas using a specialized pencil and the wax. When you have finished sticking all the diamonds on your image, you can roll it over so that all the diamonds adhere well to the canvas. You can then frame your magnificent work! This activity is very trendy and creates a real passion among several individuals. There are a lot of benefits and advantages to practicing this hobby, here are some examples.