Laura Foort

I was born in 1986, in France.

In 2006, I moved to Canada to study in the field of early childhood, in which I worked as an educator for 10 years.

At the end of 2013, a succession of events pushed me to make decisions that would change my life...
I experience depression, social phobia, anxiety disorder, anorexia following a toxic relationship. However, it is by wanting to leave that I begin to live and that is where it all begins… I begin to paint. A part of me died, but another was born: Freedom of expression.

It was in January 2014 that my first abstract painting came to life and I made my first sales even though I had only been painting for a few months.

The stars are now aligning for me. Through my works, I express my state of mind, my vision, my perception, my experience and my feelings.

October 2018 I quit my job and made one of my dreams come true: Full-time artist.

Through commissions and exhibitions, I began to develop my own style and created a collection of unique and innovative works thanks to their atypical form created on wood.
My works are original, stylish, colorful, intense and above all authentic.

I now exhibit some of these creations in several galleries in Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver.

The important thing is to believe in it. So thank you all for believing in me.

Works available in Diamond painting

Artistic approach

“Feeling” works that often come to fruition in the moment.
Unique, original, authentic and colorful pieces.
Canvases imbued with emotion, movement and humanity.

I am known for my mouth-shaped creations on wood.
Each of them is created by hand and meticulously thought out to express the desire and the audacity to assert who we are.

All my works are painted with love and each of them has a special story.