Jessica Bourret

It all started in the winter of 2017-2018 with the arrival of five snowy owls on my land. This magical moment, like a revelation, gave rise to a passion in me that I didn't know existed. Since that winter morning, this encounter pushed me to paint my very first snowy owl, it came to life under my brush as if all my life I had been preparing to paint this bird. It was at this precise moment that I understood that the painter in me had always been waiting for this revelation. I started doing art symposiums across Quebec as well as participating in group exhibitions and even doing my first openings. My preferred medium is oil although I sometimes combine the two worlds, abstract and realism, or I add acrylic to become a mixed technique. I often work from photos of my photographer or ornithologist friends who give me permission to take inspiration from them for the proportions while integrating my personal and artistic interpretation in the movement and energy, sometimes in a close-up style. and even on abstract backgrounds. I am very involved with the Quebec Union for the Rehabilitation of Birds of Prey (UQROP). Since I make a living from my art, I accept other animals who want to come to life
under my brushes

Works available in Diamond painting