Bianka Gilbert

Originally from Larouche in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, Bianka Gilbert has had an artistic passion since a young age. Attracted by drawing and the arts, she began exploring acrylic painting in 2016. Self-taught, she perfected her techniques over time, continually seeking to surpass herself.

With more than a hundred works sold, including personalized orders, Bianka Gilbert continues to push her artistic boundaries. She is passionate about living beings, whether human or animal, bringing these creatures to life on canvas by capturing their essence and emotion with finesse. His inspiration often draws from dream catchers, symbols subtly present in his works, reflecting his dreamy nature.

Although she maintains a humble discretion, Bianka Gilbert's name begins to become known in the artistic world. His constant commitment to perfecting his art and his ability to create unique and captivating works promise him a promising future.

Follow Bianka Gilbert's journey carefully, because this talented artist still has much to offer and share with the art world.

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