Louperivoise painter (Rivière-du-Loup,
Quebec, Canada), Lisianne Ouellet ( Lizo )
grew up on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, in constant contact with animals
and nature. It was from 2012 that she devoted more time to her
true passion: painting on canvas.
She practices a semi-realistic approach with figurative subjects of
all kinds: trees, animals, landscapes, human beings, etc. She
enjoys describing with depth and symbolism the subjects and attributes of these
artwork. Nothing is left to chance. We recognize his technique by certain
characteristics including the generosity of the touch, the impasto, the treatment
elements in close-up, the vibrance of tones and a range of colors
lively, tangy and sometimes non-referential. She shares with her community
his interest in the arts by helping to portray the imagination and
passions of its customers and its friendships.

This is how she developed LizoArt , a work production company
custom art and participates in several symposia, group exhibitions
and solos through which she will make her own creations known. Enriched by
her experience, she shares her knowledge by working within two academies
renowned Quebec artists as a trainer and speaker. With
now more than 300 creations having found buyers, she has decided
also to offer a service of reproduction of his works by printing on
canvas. To give an effect of originality, she retouches and texturizes
generously reproduces them to make them unique. She
would like to give everyone the chance to obtain one of its many
works. Finally, to maintain this mission of democratization of
art, she proudly associates herself with the company Let yourself shine! Who
brilliantly transforms LizoArt works into majestic paintings of

Just like the founding couple of this company,
Lizo was born to create!!!

Works available in Diamond painting