The benefits

-Relax and reduce everyday stress

In these uncertain times, stress and anxiety are part of our daily lives. Our body needs a little relaxation break. Diamond painting immerses you in a creative bubble and allows you to spend a real moment of calm. Designing your canvas requires a lot of positive concentration which will allow you to release your tensions and relax your mind. Diamond painting is practiced in the comfort of your home. You don't have to be a great artist to take up this art! Each of you has the ability to create colorful work that represents your personality and interests. Without a doubt, you can choose which universe you want to immerse yourself in, whether animal, landscape, film! Let your creativity flow and release your daily stress now.

– Fight insomnia

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night because your thoughts are invaded by your worries? Several specialists advise making a Mandala (drawing filled with color and distinct shapes) in the evening before going to bed. Diamond painting is the new equally effective formula. Diamond painting is done in a quiet place, you are encouraged to concentrate on your canvas and the correct placement of the diamonds. Your mind is calm and peaceful and is not distracted by invasive thoughts and other daily concerns. Subsequently, you have the satisfaction of having advanced your work while you will have a better chance of falling asleep.

– Increase self-confidence and sense of accomplishment

There is no better feeling than reaping the fruits of your labor. You probably remember an event in your life that you were very proud of yourself for. You have worked so hard on a project and see that you have finally succeeded. You feel so happy, like a child who completes a big 100-piece puzzle alone for the first time! Creating a canvas is very rewarding. Bring out the artist in you, it will boost your ego and give you a great feeling of accomplishment. An incredible feeling that transforms practice into a passion and will lead you to constantly create new paintings.

– Regulates mental and physical agitation

You probably know someone around you who is unable to sit still for more than two minutes? Make him try diamond painting. You will be greatly impressed. It is truly a miracle cure for calming mental and physical agitation. This practice requires a lot of concentration. You have to pay attention to the smallest details, the colors and the correct placement of the diamonds on the canvas. You don't see the time passing since you are in your bubble and you have within you a determination to accomplish the entirety or at least a good part of your canvas.

– Educational activity

This hobby is very educational for children since they have to work a lot on their concentration, practice their fine motor skills, learn colors, numbers and symbols. The child must learn to be very careful in picking up one diamond at a time using the pencil. He must also learn the numbers and/or symbols by referring to the chart and then put the diamond in its correct location following a good alignment so that the result is optimal. Are you running out of ideas for family activities? Are you tired of always playing Monopoly or watching the same movies? We have the perfect solution for you. Diamond painting is suitable for experts and beginners alike and can be practiced by young and old alike. You have the choice of obtaining a large canvas and working on it together or each creating their own canvas in the theme and size of their choice. What a great opportunity to gather around the table and then display your work of art on the walls of your home to the delight of all!

– Decrease the screens

As many people know, technology has taken over our homes. When we were young, we always played outside, very rarely was the time in front of the television. Nowadays, all young people spend their days in front of their screens, whether cell phones, television, video games, tablets... We are hyper connected and disconnecting often does a lot of good. Individually, Diamond painting is an activity that allows you to refocus on yourself and express yourself creatively. It's a creative hobby that will allow you to spend a unique moment of sharing with friends or family. In short, disconnect from technology to connect with yourself in a creative and relaxing world.

– Awaken the artist in yourself

We all have a more or less pronounced element of creativity within us. You don't need a doctorate or any special gift to practice this hobby. All you need to do is get a Diamond painting set that includes all the accessories needed to complete your work. What is most difficult in this hobby is choosing the image of your choice. It has so many thematic options that you can go for any aspect that fascinates you. Can't find THE perfect photo in our catalogs? No problem ! You simply have to contact us and it will be a great pleasure to create a magnificent montage according to your personal tastes! You can even create your Diamond painting with YOUR photo! Yes, you simply have to provide us with your most beautiful photo, whether it is the photo of your newborn, your pet or simply a photo of a landscape that will take you back to your most beautiful memories! As you place a diamond, you will see your photo and be impressed by the details and the final result. You will be very proud to have created such a beautiful memory!

– Break the isolation and join a community of enthusiasts now!

Diamond painting is becoming more and more popular and the community of enthusiasts is constantly growing. It is made up of all backgrounds with common passion. This community is very present on social networks, which makes it accessible to all. The main function of these groups is to ask all your questions relating to the practice of Diamond painting, to share your experience and to learn from those of others. You can also share your works and receive good comments and be so proud of them! So, what are you waiting for to join our Facebook page? We can't wait to see our images with your own little personal touch!

– Offer a unique gift!

Is it your childhood best friend's birthday? You've looked at friendship bracelets, personalized mugs, cushions with your photos... It's high time to evolve! What's better than a gift designed entirely by you? There is nothing more touching. Delight your loved ones with a personalized Diamond painting entirely according to their tastes! If your friend is very adventurous, why not make her a picture of the jungle? She loves warm countries so go with a beautiful image of the sea at sunset or go more personal by creating a canvas with a photo of the two of you! You are reading this and you already have THE photo in mind, the perfect photo that takes you into a great memory. You will spend several hours designing a gift, there is nothing more motivating than creating it and being sure to reach the person concerned. Finish the small paper photo albums and opt for a magnificent framed Diamond painting. You will undoubtedly be the star of the evening with this unique and touching gift!

In conclusion

This list is only a part, we could add many other benefits and virtues. We are convinced that you are now interested in practicing this hobby and/or deepening your interest! We are waiting for you on our Facebook page, where you can ask all your questions and share photos of your most beautiful paintings. Looking forward to creating your new favorite hobby and may our diamonds make your home shine!