Who are we?

We are Patrice and Mélissa, partners in life and in business, co-owners of the Quebec company Laisse-toi éclaire which was created in 2023. It all started a few years ago with the sale of promotional items such as cups , water bottles, sweaters and others. Over the years, companies with the same specialty continued to multiply. It was therefore difficult for us to stand out from the crowd and all the products became the same.
During the pandemic, we discovered Diamond painting and quickly loved designing our canvas. Living with generalized anxiety, this hobby is undoubtedly my essential activity to allow me to release my tensions and find calm in my thoughts. Having three children at home, during confinement, it was difficult to find varied activities to enjoy as a family. My son with autism spectrum disorder has a lot of difficulty sitting still for any length of time so we knew it was going to be a challenge for him. To everyone's amazement, our children loved practicing this hobby. They were so proud to have completed their canvas. This hobby promotes development, helps concentration, creativity and regulates mental and physical agitation, so we decided to deepen our research on this subject. We were pleasantly impressed to learn that there are many benefits to practicing diamond painting. We were also very surprised to see that there are very few companies that specialize in making personalized Diamond painting in Quebec. So, it was a great opportunity for us to launch into this universe.

Our expertise

We are lucky to have an experienced graphic designer who works magic by transforming photos into beautiful works of art. We also have her daily accomplice, an entrepreneur at heart with a lot of experience in customer service. Our personalities are opposites which means that we complement each other very well and tasks are carried out according to our strengths. We master our subject very well, which allows us to advise our customers well. Our primary goal is to raise awareness of the many benefits of this hobby and we also want to make a difference in the lives of others. Our mission is to offer quality personalized products in a timely manner and to provide exceptional customer service!
We stand out from other companies in this field thanks to our many virtues. Our sets include all the materials necessary for making such as resealable diamond bags with numbered labels. We provide a larger quantity of diamonds in case of loss and our glossy canvases are printed in half tone for better visibility of the symbols. We also offer superior service that will allow our customers to obtain what they really want by creating a completely personalized canvas. We opt for as many diamond colors as possible, which will achieve optimal results. In addition, a visual will be sent before printing and shipping to confirm everything. The design, printing and packaging are made entirely with love in Quebec. End the months of waiting before receiving the goods, we guarantee a fast delivery across Canada! We are easily accessible to answer your questions via our social network, email, website and with a fast response rate.

⟡ Looking forward to making your canvas and may our diamonds make your home shine! ⟡

We not only want to offer quality products, but also offer Diamond painting sessions. Unfortunately, there are a lot of seniors who are left to their own devices, have no networks and no longer enjoy life as they deserve. What we want to bring is a completely different experience for them. Break isolation, socialize in a small group by creating magnificent Diamond paintings designed with images of the theme of their choice. Especially since they will feel so proud of having made a work of art and being able to decorate their room, it is also a great way to maintain their autonomy by practicing their dexterity.

We also want to reach out to toddlers. Nowadays, it is very difficult to access resources for advice on the development of our children. Having young children living with specific delays, we know the importance of starting good educational support from a young age. So, we want to organize fun Diamond painting sessions in leisure centers, libraries, community organizations and any other establishments serving children with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD or any other diagnosis. We are passionate about our work and we are convinced that our energy will make you fall in love with this new hobby!

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Diamond painting is becoming more and more popular and the community of enthusiasts is constantly growing. It is made up of all backgrounds with common passion. This community is very present on social networks, which makes it accessible to all. The main function of these groups is to ask all your questions relating to the practice of Diamond painting, to share your experience and to learn from those of others. You can also share your works and receive good comments and be so proud of it!
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